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There are Five Questions to Restore New York 

How Will You Get New Yorkers Back to Work?

How WIll You Make Our City’s Streets Safer?

How WIll You Stop the City’s increasing budget deficit?

How Will You Stop the Exodus of Residents from NYC?

How WIll You Bring back Tourism?

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Ranked Choice Voting

  • New York City will use Ranked Choice Voting for the Primary Elections.
  • You can rank up to 5 candidates, if you wish to, in order of preference: your 1st choice candidate, your 2nd choice candidate, and so on up to your 5th choice candidate.
  • If no candidate receives more than 50% of first-choice votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated. If your first choice is eliminated, your next choice will be counted, and so on.
  • The process of elimination continues until there is a winner.

Absentee Voting

  • June 22nd is the last day to deliver your ballot in-person, postmark, or email your Primary Election ballot and it must be received by the county board no later than June 29th.

WHat Happens After I vote?

  • Regardless of how you chose to vote, it is possible that some crucial races will not be decided on the evening of June 22.
  • With many New Yorkers voting absentee and the introduction of Ranked Choice Voting, some critical elections won’t be decided until a candidate has reached a 50% majority.
  • Except for District Attorney, all other city races will feature Ranked Choice Voting and go through the necessary rounds to reach that magic number.
  • Tabulating the votes could take days or potentially weeks to secure results, depending on the race in question.
  • After Election Day, you can keep up to date on results, vote count and overall turnout by clicking the button below.

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