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Jumaane Williams

Candidate for Public Advocate

How will you get New Yorker’s back to work?

My office released a report in February, a Renewed Deal for NYC, and some of the recommendations I call for including increased slots for SUmmer Youth Employment (SYEP), Unity Works, a workforce development and education program for LGBTQ+ youth at risk of homelessness, and CUNY EDGE a program between the Human Resources Administration (HRA) and CUNY that help students find employment, among other programs.

How will you make our city’s streets safer?

As Public Advocate, I released a ten point plan on public safety, to help envision non-police alternatives for community safety. This plan includes a deeper look at immigration, Domestic and Gun Violence, among other topics. We cannot and should not equate safety with just policing. I will continue to work with advocates on what safety can and should mean.

I condemn all senseless violence. Like most New Yorkers, I am particularly concerned with the recent rise in shootings across our City.
The violence affects us all, and it is all of our responsibility to play a role in responding to and preventing it. This is not an area in which the police department is the only solution, and it cannot be treated as such. I encourage the Administration to further increase collaboration with stakeholders, including Crisis Management System partners and other local groups, to reduce these incidents. The reality is that even more agencies and organizations can and should be involved in their own capacities. There are clear steps we can take as a city, proposals we can enact, that will address both gun violence and the longstanding systemic issues that create an environment for such violence.

How will you address the city’s increasing budget deficit?

First of all, the state should raise revenues with fair taxation practices. In my Renewed Deal Report, I also call for the City to employ long-term borrowing strategies to ensure an influx of at least $4 billion dollars. In previous moments of hardship, the City has taken on long-term debt and been able to recover, grow, and pay down what is owed.

How will you stop the exodus of residents from New York City?

What makes New York great, our public transportation, our restaurants, our people… If the City is committed to maintaining small businesses across the city, we must suspend or severely cap commercial rent; offer tax breaks and deferments; and minimize cuts to SBS to help keep small businesses strong.

How will you bring back tourism?

NYC Tourism will return to pre-pandemic levels when people are confident in their safety. We need comprehensive, sensible recommendations so New Yorkers know how to stay safe. We need to end the confusing back and forth between the Governor and Mayor so New Yorkers know what to do and what recommendations to trust.

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