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Farah Louis

Candidate for City Council District 45

How will you get New Yorker’s back to work?

I have already supported small businesses via legislation, worked with a number of business and retail chains including Smashburger to increase employment in district 45 and have worked with job skills training programs to better our populations’ ability to work. During the contentious budget battle in the summer of 2020, I actively engaged in restoring funding for the Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEP), the City University of New York’s ASAP program, and increased support services for seniors, partially gained from the reduction of the NYPD’s budget. In addition, I introduced several pieces of legislation to address COVID-19 matters relating to rent, mortgages, and small business relief. They include:
· Res 1483 – COVID-19 related late payments would not impact a credit score.
· Res 1484 – extensions of the back end for mortgages and rents
· Res 1485 – undocumented immigrant grants
These bills would provide relief for struggling small businesses, particularly MWBEs, struggling with the economic realities of COVID-19, including rent and mortgage relief, credit score coverage, and for a grant program to be established for undocumented immigrants.

How will you make our city’s streets safer?

We should have community forums to discuss the impact of over-development and its negative ramifications throughout NYC. 1st over-development leads to increased automobile activity, which further exacerbates the greenhouse effect throughout our communities. The impact on health will further increase the health disparities faced by NYC residents who do not have the financial nor the proper coverage needed to deal with increased pollution that communities face. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of preventable death in New York City. And the number of deaths have been increasing. More than two dozen people have been killed while cycling since 2018. I am working toward bettering signage and decreasing car traffic to deal with this issue.

How will you address the city’s increasing budget deficit?

I support defunding the police and allocating funds to social services that require the funding and that are better equipped to solve certain problems. The budget deficit is a mismanagement of budget problem. Re-allocating funds to services and organizations that serve the public has always been my position.

How will you stop the exodus of residents from New York City?

I have already created affordable housing for New Yorkers. The importance of this project is clear: safety is important, affordability is important and the right and the need to stay where one is from is important. I am working on another affordable housing initiative in which the same population–New York’s elderly– is able to age in place and in comfort. Moreover, I made it a point not to accept donations from housing developers, so there is no external influence present. Finally, I created and backed policy that will help with mortgage payments so that homeowners can continue to own. I intend to continue to push affordable housing as utmost. Residents are leaving New York City because of affordability. I am encouraging them to stay for the same reason–affordability.

How will you bring back tourism?

Tourism is not a large income generator for District 45. Many of my constituents are concerned with economic insecurity, housing affordability, maternal healthcare and education. Tourism has largely been delegated to Manhattan. And as more tourists make their way to Brooklyn, they can be a reminder of the gentrification that has negatively impacted my constituents.

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