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Ari Kagan

Candidate for City Council District 47

How will you get New Yorker’s back to work?

If elected, I will fight for small businesses to get the grants they need to recover from the damage suffered during the pandemic. I will help them navigate city, state, and federal assistance programs. That includes direct outreach to small business owners, in their home languages.

During the height of the pandemic, I coordinated PPE and supply drives, and together with Council Member Mark Treyger, I brought mobile testing and vaccination sites to Coney Island, Warbasse and Marlboro Houses. As New York opens back up, I’ll help our businesses and residents get the PPE and vaccinations they need to go to work safely.

As Council Member, I’ll also fight for vocational and trade courses so that those struggling to find work receive the training they need to re-enter the workplace. I’ll work to address the digital divide, so businesses and individuals can complete online applications and necessary forms. We also need to protect our small homeowners, to freeze property taxes rates and provide rental assistance to families on the brink of eviction.

How will you make our city’s streets safer?

We must simultaneously support NYPD officers and strengthen partnerships with local community organizations to prevent violence in the first place. Over the years, I’ve supported organizations like Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative and Operation H.O.O.D., Brooklyn Asian Civilian Observation Patrol and others that work closely with law enforcement to provide public safety in partnership with the local community. I’ll also continue to support successful local programs to integrate criminal justice-involved individuals back into society—through education, training and gainful employment. I strongly oppose “Defund NYPD,” and I’m proudly endorsed by the Detectives’ Endowment Association.

How will you address the city’s increasing budget deficit?

I am very grateful for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which has filled the City’s budget gap and allowed the City to reinstate and expand valuable services.

However, in order to avoid a budget crisis in the future, we need to keep a healthy budget reserve and identify savings within large City agencies. We need more City funding directed towards important programs in our neighborhoods, not into the bureaucracy and outside consultant contracts. We need accountability from many city agencies and more investments from NYS.

How will you stop the exodus of residents from New York City?

We need to do everything we can to promote economic recovery. As I have done throughout the pandemic, I will continue to work hard to get small businesses and individuals the support they need to stay safe and get back on track.

We need to make Southern Brooklyn and NYC even better and more resilient places to live than they were pre-pandemic. That means building more affordable housing and improving our public schools so that no one feels the need to seek alternatives elsewhere. It means promoting public safety and improving our public transportation, so that everyone can get around quickly, safely and reliably. It means improving our healthcare, and living options and care for our seniors. It means improving accessibility, so that everyone can live here comfortably and safely. If we do these things, more people will want to come to, stay in, and build families in New York.

How will you bring back tourism?

Tourism is a key part of our city’s economy, and we need to get it going again quickly and safely. I will be a cheerleader for Southern Brooklyn and NYC.

Many of my key priorities for improving the lives of New Yorkers will also make New York more attractive for tourists: safer streets; more reliable and accessible transit; and thriving and diverse small businesses. I support private kiosks offering waterfront services on city beaches to attract beachgoers and to create more local jobs.

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